History of Online Gambling

Added: February 16, 2012

Online gambling really started taking off in the mid 90’s with the birth of the internet and at first it was a case of placing a bet online. This was basically similar to being able to place a bet over the telephone. There were no in-play betting options or multiple markets for numerous events. Back then, online gambling was in its purest form unlike today.

Players could only login to one of a few online gambling portals and place a bet by using a credit card. There were no e-wallets that could process transactions in just seconds. e-Wallets came later.

Gambling (or mainly sportsbetting) was the first form of online gambling and soon after these portals launched, the first online casino software provider known as Microgaming launched their casino games product. This particular software company now happens to be one of the most successful online casino software providers of today.

Players could now play on actual casino games instead of just being able to place a bet on the horses or similar major sporting event, although the games were very basic to look at. Many new online casino games also then followed and the graphics and gameplay gradually improved.

As more sites started appearing online, so did the number of online casino games. Software companies were rushing to get their own take on each classic Vegas-style game prepared for the virtual world.

One of the earliest online slots developed by Microgaming was called Cash Splash. This is what is known as a classic slot/fruit machine and it was also the first game to have a progressive jackpot and not a fixed jackpot. This proved to be instantly popular and soon other progressive jackpot games started appearing.

Along with the traditional Vegas-style casino games, other games were also developed such as video slots and video pokers. Today there are entire websites dedicated to slots, plus online poker is now huge. There are now numerous online poker rooms catering for millions of daily users. Bingo sites are now also widely available and extremely popular.

Placing a bet online is easier to do today than it ever has been before. Providing you have a computer and decent internet connection, you shouldn’t have a problem staking a wager wherever you may be located.